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Our Story

Gerard Sanchez and Jesus Villanueva are the founders of YOGGIC. After many years of corporate life, they left their engineering and oil & gas careers to follow their passion for yoga and community. They made Chicago their new home. YOGGIC was born in Chicago from a vision to make yoga accessible to everyone and anyone. We come together with deep passion and love, to give it out, and help change the world one class at a time. We are a community-based center and we are constantly exploring all aspects of self-discovery to impact and elevate the world. Our mission is to design, offer and celebrate physical, mental and spiritual evolution.


At YOGGIC we believe everyone and anyone should have access to the power of yoga. Yoga can be physically, mentally and spiritually transformative. Yoga creates community, and we are all about that! Together we are creating a place for growth and a place where you can challenge yourself. There is a set of values we live by, and we want to share them with you:

(1) BE AUTHENTIC  Accepting ourselves and others.
(2) STEP INTO ACTION  We back up what we say with action. Follow through in an intentional way.
(3) LIVE IN INTEGRITY This gives us the clarity when we’re faced with hard choices.
(4) BE COURAGEOUS In order to achieve great things, you just have to let go of your fears.
(5) CULTIVATE LOVE  Love is a way of life! This requires acceptance, patience and above all, daily practice.
(6) EMPOWER THOSE AROUND YOU  Helping others realize their abilities and potential, perhaps for the first time lifting others up.
(7) SERVICE FIRST  We are shifting our attention and preoccupation with ourselves, and turning our focus outwards, towards others.

Gerard Sanchez

I started practicing yoga a few years ago, and I quickly became aware of all the benefits that yoga could bring into my life. Practicing yoga has helped me to become a stronger and faster athlete, to feel and be healthier and happier. Meditation is always there for me to relax and to get closer to my true self. I have certainly become a better version of myself and I am committed to bringing everything I have learned to our community.

Jesus Villanueva

I completed my yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, in the Himalayan ranges in India. I went to India searching for a mystical experience. This area is considered the birthplace of yoga and its culture left me fascinated. Six years ago, I began practicing Baptiste yoga to stretch my tight running body. Quickly I realized that Baptiste yoga could transform my body, my mind and my life. The more I practiced, the more I started to understand the emotional and physical benefits of this amazing practice. I am committed to bringing Baptiste yoga to our studio and our community. I completed Baptiste Level One training in November 2017, and I am on my way to Baptiste Certification.