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Does not only protect drivers from accidents but also helps all
phone users to maintain silence and orderliness.

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Do Not Disturb While Driving

  • If you haven’t been using the new free Do Not Disturb While Driving and it’s changed the way I interact with my phone while on the road.
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving is an extension of the Do Not Disturb App features, which limits notifications on demand or during a schedule you set up.
  • Along with limiting or muting notifications, Do Not Disturb App While Driving will reply to contacts who send you messages while you’re driving, giving them a heads-up that you’re on the road by returning an image to them.

Join the movement to end distracted driving download the free Do Not Disturb While Driving App. Spread the message. You’re never alone on the road. Distracted driving is never OK. Activate the app and avoid constant distractions, it can wait until you are stopped in a safe place. Show that you’re part of the It Can Wait movement and spread the message by creating your own Do Not Disturb While Driving picture to be sent to callers when you are driving and they will instantly recognize and value your health and safety. The It Can Wait movement can and should apply to more than just driving, ask your spouse, friends and family members. One of the most effective aspects of Do Not Disturb While Driving is that it can be set to turn on and off automatically. See, forgetting to enable the feature and only realizing you left it off after you receive a text message from a friend or a Snapchat message from a family member sort of defeats the purpose. So much of our “need” to engage with our phones exists in that moment we see it light up with a notification — suddenly you’re missing out on something and “what if it’s important” or “what if it’s an emergency” or “what if someone needs an answer from me” or … you get the picture. Seeing a notification gets your brain spinning with a mixture of FOMO (fear of missing out) and maybe even a little bit of anxiety. The Do Not Disturb App does none of these, you will not see a message unless you have indicated that the numbers that come through are set-up as emergency numbers to ring through.

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Benefits Of Using This Application:


Incoming Call

Incoming Call Lock is the best security app for locking incoming call available on play store. This is a must have application. This application will protect your phone’s Incoming call to be picked by someone else.


Call Response

When switched on, this app will send your personal SMS message to any caller when you have not been able to answer your mobile or when you have received an SMS.



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Information Pop Up / Alert

This app displays incoming notifications as pop-ups. You will be able to see what’s happening in your system, even if you are in a full screen app or game, without opening the event tray

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Is there any app on Android that has a do not disturb?

The built-in feature on Android just make calls silent, but I want the caller to get a busy tone when do not disturb is on.

When Someone Calls You On Do Not Disturb? Blocking phone calls however is possible, the caller will be sent the image you have chosen for that time period. You can choose numbers not to block and accept the call with a list you have added as emergency allows the will not activate the Do Not Disturb app.

This new smartphone feature should be used by every driver, from teen to seasoned commuter.

Do Not Disturb On Messages? will send the image or photo from your gallery to the income callers with a text message that you can send along with the picture making it a clear as possible in a polite way why the call was not answered. How long the app is activated can be set or changed without waiting for the preset time to expire. Once you deactivate the Do Not Disturb mode a log of the calls calls then be reviewed and you can begin the process of returning your calls directly from the log list.

Is there any app on Android that has a do not disturb?

The built-in feature on Android just make calls silent, but I want the caller to get a busy tone when do not disturb is on.

About Do Not Disturb App (A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words)

Welcome to Do Not Disturb the premium app! If you want Do Not Disturb to do more than just silence calls and want to also inform in the most polite way from a single pre-defined group of images or downloaded custom pictures, this is the app for you! Here’s the list of things you can do with this app

What does ‘do not disturb’ do on an Android?

Classify your contacts into groups regular callers and bypass the app for easier management of emergency or expected calls. Create as many groups as you want. Add a contact to multiple groups as needed.

Use included images or create custom pictures and images (such as work, home, vacation, family time, gaming) to allow your callers to view images of your current activity / allow one or more callers. This is like creating multiple Do Not Disturb settings.

How to activate do not disturb?

Activate images with one tap, set the time to start and end and let the app do the rest i.e. silence calls from contacts which are not allowed as per the profile.

Or pre-tag your status for daily activities and let the AUTO mode in the app activate or de-activate the status to silence calls as you enter or exit a location an activity or vehicle.

Why is the Do Not Disturb mode turning on by itself …

The app comes with a widget, which lets you manage AUTO mode or activate / de-activate your status conveniently. You can set the time you like for the Do Not Disturb App to activate on a hourly, daily or weekly schedule.

Do Not Disturb App does not only protect drivers from accidents but also helps all phone users to maintain silence and orderliness. You are in a theater or library with several other people or you are delivering speech in a conference, your phone rings aloud and you are distracted, while also getting the audience and other people present distracted

With DND app, you can now deliver your speech without any phone distraction; you can read in the library without creating a scene with your phone loud noise. All you need to do is to activate the app and it would eliminate the distractions from your phone ringing at the wrong place and disturbing everyone.

Why wait anymore? Don’t be that Guy! Download the Do Not Disturb App today.

Do Not Disturb App iPhone

Premium sends the image you select to incoming callers when you do not want to be disturbed while driving, sleeping, reading, working and more, your custom image downloaded!

Do Not Disturb App is a helpful android phone setting for periods when you do not want to be interrupted, such as meetings, formal events or at night. You can schedule Do Not Disturb to repeat at the same time each day, and to set exceptions for emergency or special calls to ring through. Understanding Do Not Disturb can help you prevent your iPhone from making unwanted disruptions in your day-to-day life allowing you to live in the moment, feel relaxed knowing that the image you select will inform the callers politely.

The Do Not Disturb option on the android phone stops notifications, alerts and calls from making any noise, vibration or lighting up the phone screen when the screen is locked. You can turn on Do Not Disturb in your android phone’s

“Settings” section. Do Not Disturb does not have an effect on alarms; any set alarms will still sound while Do Not Disturb is activated.

Do Not Disturb App Android

Our phones demand our attention many times throughout the day, some people deprive themselves of valuable sleep by checking their phones in the middle of the night. Now you can put an end to this unnecessary sleep disruption which is often unimportant. Wouldn’t you like to be able to resist that constant buzzing and know that you have communicated to incoming callers by activating the new Do Not Disturb App and sent an image indicating what activity you are engaged in and can return the call when it is more convenient for you to do so.

Don’t let your smartphone addiction win. Set some ground rules with your phone and ensure that it doesn’t bother you in meetings, at the cinema, or when you’re catching forty winks. Let’s look at how to use Android’s Do Not Disturb App.


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